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If drug use is starting to affect your life, whether in the family and at work, it's time to seek help. is a tool that will give back control of your life and get rid of this habit that causes many serious problems.Available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Italian and German.
REGISTRATION: When logging into the app fill 03 fields:value / time / quantity used with drugs;
STATISTICS: Will inform you the value / time / quantity used with drogas.O App suggests for example if it has spent $ 120,000.00 the app shows a picture of an apartment in which he could have bought instead of using drugs;
QUOTE: Every day sends notifications via push a motivational phrase to the addict;
AVOID / SEEK: Fill in a form with all they have to avoid and all it has to look for to avoid drugs;
TIMELINE: Put a photo before and one after to know the damage that the drug did in the life of the individual;
MOTIVATIONAL: Send photos of the children and family, to see every day to remember that before using the images so avoid using drugs. Also in this module it can record a video with your testimony and send it to the app;
QUIZ - A questionnaire developed by Vanderbilt University to find out what your level of addiction.
If you are ready to finally quit this addiction and start a new life, download this application.